DC Digest – April 7, 2017

In Today’s Issue:
  • Defending Scientific R&D
  • The Innovation Deficit
  • Justice Gorsuch


Duke joined U.S. business, science and engineering, medical and health, and higher education organizations to urge the swift completion of FY 2017 appropriations process with robust investments in scientific research.

The letter, addressed to Senator Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Charles Schumer, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, argues that “our nation’s research enterprise is among the most powerful engines for American prosperity.”

Xi Loves Me, Xi Loves Me Not

Against the backdrop of Trump trade talks today April 7 with Chinese President Xi Jinping, higher education groups are urging the president to take a wider view of economic development, saying his proposal to cut research funding undermines the goal of making the U.S. more competitive with China.

Over the last decade, China has increased its spending on research and development by 90 percent, while U.S. government spending has remained relatively flat, according to a recent report out of the University of Arizona. If that trend continues, according to that report, China will pass the U.S. in R&D spending by 2020.

“China and other countries,,, see their universities as a vital part of their effort to compete in the global knowledge economy,” said John Aubrey Douglass, a senior research fellow of public policy and higher education at the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California-Berkeley.

Ending the Innovation Deficit


Today, Friday 7 the Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, 54-45. The Senate unilaterally changed procedural rules to close the confirmation.

To see what Gorsuch might mean for higher education, we direct you to the Chronicle of Higher Education

Gorsuch Clutches Confirmation