DC Digest: Budget Update – January 14, 2014

House and Senate budget negotiators on Monday came to an agreement for a $1.1 trillion spending bill, a giant package that fills in the details of the broad, top-line compromise reached back in December.

The legislation, which would finance the federal government through September, lays out specific funding levels for individual federal programs for FY14. The accord restores many — but not all — of last year’s across-the-board budget reductions to scientific research and campus-based aid.

The House this afternoon approved a three-day extension of government funding (originally set to expire January 15) through January 18 to buy time for debate on the bill.  OFR will provide updates as they are available.

Under the agreement:

  • NIH would receive $1 billion more for the current fiscal year compared with the 2013 fiscal year, in which automatic across-the-board cuts eliminated $1.55 billion from its budget.
  • NSF would receive nearly $7.2 billion in the agreement. That’s an increase of $287 million over last year, but it leaves the agency’s funding about $69 million lower than it was before sequestration.
  • The Pell Grant program would be funded at last year’s level, but increases in mandatory spending are expected to bump up the maximum award next year by $85, to $5,730.
  • The bill also includes $1 million to study the effect of regulations and reporting requirements on colleges.

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