DC Digest – May 1, 2017

In Today’s Issue:
  • FY17 Budget Highlights

On Sunday, April 30 Congress unveiled its final FY 17 spending package, which will fund federal programs through September 30.  The House and Senate are expected to vote on the spending package this week before the May 5 deadline, which is when the current Continuing Resolution expires.  Congressional appropriators will have little time to rest, however, as they prepare for the anticipated release of the Administration’s full FY 18 budget on May 22.

Below are highlights of the top line final FY 17 budget levels for programs of interest to the Duke community. Please contact the Office of Government Relations should you have questions or want additional information about specific programs not included below.


National Institutes of Health:  NIH will receive $34.1 billion in FY 17, a 6.2% or $2 billion increase over FY 16. A few increases of note:

  • $110 million for BRAIN
  • +$120 million for Precision Medicine Initiative
  • +$20.5 million for National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

National Science Foundation:  The FY 17 omnibus includes $7.47 billion for NSF, roughly the same as FY 16.

Department of Defense Basic Research:  The Administration proposes $2.2 billion for basic research programs at the DOD,  a 1.2% decrease below the FY 16 omnibus.

Department of Energy Office of Science:  The omnibus includes $5.39 billion for the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, a  $41.8 million increase over the FY 16 omnibus.

ARPA-E:  ARPA-E will receive $306 million in FY 17, a $15 million increase over FY 16.

NASA:  In FY 17, the Science Directorate will receive $5.76 billion, a 3.1% increase over FY 16

Department of Homeland Security:  The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate will receive $801.7 million in FY 17.  This includes $470.6 million for Research, Development and Innovation, a 5.2% reduction from the FY 16.

EPA:  The FY 17 omnibus includes $706 million for Science and Technology programs within EPA, a 3.9% reduction from FY 16.

National Endowment for the Humanities:  The omnibus includes $150 million for NEH, a $2 million increase over FY 16.

Pell Grants:  The Pell Grant Maximum Award increases to $5,935 in FY 17.

International Education:  The includes $72.1 million for International Education programs in FY 17, the same level as FY 16.

NOAA:  $5.6 billion, a $90 million reduction from FY 16.


For a more detailed account of the FY17 budget per each department and agency, please see the House Appropriations Committee’s Omnibus funding breakdown.

Omnibus Spending Package