Devils in DC: Duke Officials Talk Student Loans

The federal government is closed for business this week.  However, when the shutdown was still just a possibility, Duke administrators shared the needs of Duke students with Congressional staff in preparation for upcoming legislative business.

Donna Lisker, associate vice provost for undergraduate education, and Alison Rabil, assistant vice provost and director of financial aid, traveled to Washington on September 23 to discuss higher education issues with staff from three North Carolina delegation offices.

The two used their time with congressional staff from the offices of Senator Richard Burr, Senator Kay Hagan, and Representative Virginia Foxx to discuss President Obama’s higher education proposal, concerns regarding the upcoming Higher Education Act (HEA) reauthorization, and Duke’s desire to serve as a resource for information and policy ideas.

Why did these two travel all the way to DC to share their views?  Watch the video to find out: