The missions of Duke University, Duke University Health System Inc., and all entities under their management or control (collectively, “Duke”) include, among other things, education and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge; commitments to research and free and open academic
inquiry and learning, including the search for medicines to prevent and cure disease; and a commitment to health care for all. Duke encourages general educational and other interactions with the public and policy-makers at all levels of federal, state and local government, as well as other forms of involvement in the political process, in furtherance of its missions. Duke also recognizes and supports the individual engagement of members of its community as private citizens in public policy and the political process; nothing in this Policy limits such private interactions.

At the same time, certain forms of government interaction involving Duke or on Duke’s behalf are subject to federal and state regulation, including in some cases, detailed registration and reporting requirements as well as direct limitations on such activities. Violations of these laws and rules can cause immediate and lasting damage to Duke and its ability to carry out its missions, and also subject individual violators to severe penalties up to and including substantial monetary fines and/or imprisonment.

In recognition of these laws and rules, Duke has adopted certain requirements, described below, for Duke employees and contractors engaged in certain regulated government interactions on Duke’s
behalf (collectively, “Government Relations Activities”).