The DC Daily – February 6, 2017

In Today’s Issue:

  • Travel Ban Suspension
  • Universities Find a Voice
  • CEOs Become Politicos


The Department of Homeland Security suspended implementation of the President’s immigration Executive Order. The U.S. State Department has also announced that it will allow people with valid visas into the United States again.

Duke students, faculty, and staff from the countries previously banned (Iran, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya) should be able to enter again with a valid visa.

For more information or questions about specific situations regarding international travel, please contact the Duke Visa Services office by email at or by phone at 919-681-8472.

Immigration Ban Lifted


The federal court ruling that put a temporary nationwide halt to the Trump administration’s Executive Order restricting travel into the United States resulted in part from declarations provided by the University of Washington, Washington State University, and the state’s two-year college system.

The colleges’ statements to the court described how hundreds of their students, researchers, and faculty members were being harmed by the travel ban.

The Implications of Declarations


Aaron Chatterji of Duke University and Michael Toffel of Harvard Business School recently examined how consumers respond to CEOs’ public stances on certain policy issues. Their work illuminates the tightrope executives must walk when making institution-level policy statements that may distance parts of their consumer base or those within their own companies.

The researchers write: “When CEOs take public stands on controversial issues, they can galvanize support for their company from those who share the same viewpoint… [and risk] alienating consumers who disagree.”

Toffel went on to add, “Some CEOs are making a practical argument, some are making a moral argument, and some are combining them.”

CEO Activism