We’re (i)Marching for Innovation! Won’t You?

Do you want to see Duke University continue to attract the best and brightest students and faculty? Do you want to continue encouraging innovation and growth in the American economy?

We sure do! That’s why Duke University Office of Federal Relations has been showing our support, on Twitter, Facebook, and our website for the iMarch for Innovation and calling for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

It’s time.

Last night, the Senate Judiciary Committee did a remarkable thing: in a bipartisan vote, it sent a comprehensive immigration reform bill to floor of the Senate. Now is the time to reach out to Senators from across the country — and both sides of the aisle — to let them know why you want them to support comprehensive immigration reform.

Here’s why Duke University is joining in:

  • Every 100 immigrants who earn advanced degrees in the US and then stay to work in technical fields create 262 jobs for American workers.
  • Did you know — one-fourth of the Americans who have won Nobel Prizes have been immigrants, despite being just one-eighth of the population.
  • 76% of patents that the top 10 US patent-producing universities received in 2011 had an immigrant inventor.
  • Even if every American advanced degree STEM graduate gets a job, the US will face 200,000 unfilled advanced-degree STEM jobs by 2018.
  • More than one-fourth of tech firms report difficulty hiring and the number of Americans studying STEM grows by less than 1% per year.

Visit www.marchforinnovation.com to learn more and let your voice be heard!