Office of Federal Relations

The Office of Government Relations represents the interests of the University's faculty, students and staff on matters of legislation and regulations before the federal government in Washington, D.C. By drawing upon the wealth of expertise and resources within the Duke community, we seek to inform and impact the conversation within the Washington, D.C. community. The diversity of the issues affecting the University is as diverse as our community and academic endeavors. The Office of Government Relations tracks legislation regarding issues as wide-ranging as federal student aid programs; funding for scientific research; immigration policies; and technology transfer and intellectual property law. The staff serves as a resource to both the communities on campus and in Washington, D.C. Should you require any assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Capitol Connections Blog

Immigration Debate and Visas at Duke

February 13, 2018

Duke is deeply vested in the outcome of the immigration debate beginning this week in Congress. Not limited to our support for a positive outcome for DACA recipients, Duke is a global university committed to bringing outstanding students, researchers and Read More...

Standing Up for DACA

January 30, 2018

Although the DACA program is planned to expire March 5, each continuing resolution and round of immigration negotiations adds to the climate of uncertainty. Duke University continues to stand for a permanent solution that provides DACA recipients a clear path Read More...

Education, Empowerment Prove Effective in Reducing Exposure to Toxins

January 29, 2018

          Governments are strong, but the consumer is almighty. Scarcely is that better understood than in Duke’s Superfund Research Center (SRC). In addition to advocating for the implementation of safer government policies surrounding toxic chemicals, they Read More...


Research Spotlight

Human-Computer Interactions - Drones

Missy Cummings, Associate Professor, Duke University Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, the Duke Institute of Brain Sciences, and the Duke Electrical and Computer Engineering Department