Office of State Relations

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Office of State Relations

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Doug Heron leads the newly-created Duke University and Duke Health Office of State Relations (OSR). Given Duke’s sharper focus on broad engagement in North Carolina and the region, the OSR will further strengthen the institution’s ability to advance the priorities of Duke University and Duke Health with state policymakers and opinion leaders.

The OSR is responsible for representing Duke University, Duke Health and Duke LifePoint Healthcare issues and interests with government officials and legislators in Raleigh and throughout the state. The OSR will work closely with faculty and staff to advance Duke’s legislative and administrative interests, to connect Duke’s expertise to policymakers in state government, to foster relationships with North Carolina officials on policies related to higher education, health care, employment, public safety and other issues that affect Duke’s stakeholders.

The OSR works closely with the Duke University and Duke Health government relations offices to ensure that our federal, state and local advocacy efforts are well-coordinated.  Carolyn Gerber, Special Assistant to the Vice President, assists OSR with communications and outreach.

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Doug Heron

Doug Heron, J.D.

Associate Vice President, Office of State Relations

Mr. Heron has almost 20 years of combined experience in governmental affairs. Visit the Staff Directory for a full list of Mr. Heron’s experience and qualifications.